Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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Focus fix here

Not all zenitars comes with badly adjusted focusing ring. But some obviously do. You can fix it yourself with no problems. The first time I read about how to do it was a year ago, in a post by John Bean:

"Oh - you have got the clear filter screwed in the back? If not it won't focus correctly.

Assuming you have the filter in place and you want to adjust the infinity focus point it's very easy to do. Peel back the rubber of the focus grip to reveal three set screws. Set to infinity then loosen the screws so you can turn the ring back to (say) 1m and re-tighten. Find the true infinity point visually. Slacken screws, reset ring to the infinity mark, tighten screws. Job done."

And at another place:

"Which can be adjusted in seconds

1. Peel back rubber grip to expose set screw
2. Slacken screws slightly, move focus ring well past infinity
3. Retighten screws. Focus lens on infinity by eye
4. Slacken scress, align focus ring with infinity mark.
5. Tighten screw, job done. "


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