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Re: How to buy

Jonas B wrote:

How to buy

Most people here in the forum have bought there Zenitar from
Victor. You find him at eBay - do a search for ebay user "zenitar".
Dealing with Victor has been easy and free from hassles. There are
also a few shops selling the Zenitar. Rugift may be one of them,
there can be others as well.

Opening the box from Victor is a moment of time travelling. The
smell of bakelite, the quirky feeling of the aperture ring, the
uneven coating of the front lens, the text on the hood and the
small extra coloured filters...
The lens comes with a front cap of low quality. Search for a post
by Frank for another approach. At the rear end of the lens there is
a little 26.5mm filter. It is made of clear glass and most probably
don't think of it. It can be replaced by one of the coloured
filters coming with the lens. Now we are at DPR and for digital use
these filters are obsolete. Leave the clear glass filter at place.
It's part of the optical construction and removing it will make the
lens focusing scale out of clibration.

Heard of focusing problems? It happens that the lens needs to be
adjusted to get the infinity mark on the distance scale to really
mean infinity. It isn't hard to do this adjustment at the kitchen
table. The steps to take are described elsewhere.

Where are the steps described please? Do they all have focusing issues? I got mine yesterday and I haven't had a chance to use it yet.
Looks great though, nice and solid.

Bummer about the colored filters, I was looking forward to playing with those things.
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