Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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Re: Resolution and flare

You are saying "No thanks to crippled mounts!"? Yes, indeed, it would be great with a restored and improved lens mount.

The level of flare...

all flare test images are unaltered. I shot them in raw format, used ACR for the conversion and had curves and sliders at neutral. In the first two the sun isn't really shining right into the front lens. I placed myself in the position where the sun just barely dissapeared behind the house. So, they show the expected lower contrast level. The last image with the sun over the bridge and the cars was taken the day before yesterday, in the afternoon. I can only guess it gets worse in the summertime. I can also think of sample variations.


Jim King wrote:

I have seen a bit more flare with the sun in the image than you
show in these images, but I see a similar pattern of flare.
Interestingly, my Pentax A16/2.8 FE shows more flare around to the
sun's image than my Zenitar, and more PF at high contrast edges
too. IMO the Zenitar is really a bargain for what it delivers.
Now if Pentax will only restore the aperture sensing mount in the
upcoming D replacement the Zenitar will be almost perfect...

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