PTP vs. mass storage?

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Re: PTP vs. mass storage?

MDSamurai wrote:

Can anyone tell me the difference between PTP and mass storage? I
can't seem to find anything other than it needs to be on PTP for
teathered control. Is there another reason/advantage/disadvantage
to having it set one way or the other?

In the mass-storage class mode, the camera simply appears to the computer as a simple card reader. You can move files back and forth from the camera as desired, but it can't do anything beyond this. Since the MSC was part of the original USB spec, pretty much every OS that supports USB will be able to natively access the camera in this mode without any drivers.

When the camera is in the PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) mode, it appears to the computer as a camera. As such, asside from basic file transfer tasks it allows you to remotely control the camera (fire the shutter, change exposure, etc.) as well as use various advanced features (custom curves, additional settings, etc.). Generally speaking most PTP drivers will also mount the camera's memory card, so you'll have all the functionality of MSC as well.

With that said, PTP is a newer protocol than MSC so it is not quite as well supported at the OS level. With OSes prior to Windows XP, for instance, you will need to install a driver to access the camera when used in this mode. This isn't generally a huge deal as the cameras usually come with a driver disk, however if you're at a client's office and don't have them on hand the MSC mode can come in handy.

Basically speaking, the MSC mode is simply there for compatibility purposes. If your machine has support for PTP, then that's the protocol that you want to use

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