Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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Re: also comes in M42 mount...

Hello Ron,

very good. I'm a bayonet mount man. I should have taken more care about the part of describing the lens. You are right about the screwmount version that I totally forgot about.
And thank you!


brandrx wrote:


First let me say that this is a very well done, comprehnsive
report. I applaud you for the time you have taken to do this. And
you have shown, with your images in this thread, that the Zenitar
16mm can take some spectacular images. Thanks you for putting all
of this together.

There is also a Zenitar 2.8 16mm fisheye - M42 mount (M42-K adapter
required). In which case it can be used in the Av mode like any
screwmount lens. Set AF/MF switrch to MF, select Av mode, select
your aperture on the lens, focus, take picture. However, in
extremely low light, you may have to open the aperture to focus
then re-set the aperture to take the shot.

Note: For those that have the M42 lenses, you may want to go into
the Custom Menu and select FI with S lens used, select #2
Available. S lens means screwmount lens. You can leave this at #2
at all time as it does not affect any other functions of the camera
or other lenses.

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