Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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Fishy effect and PTLens

The lens is a fisheye lens. When mounted to a film camera you get a diagonal picture angle if 180 degrees. Is it 105 on the D series? The fisheye effect far less than seen on FF cameras. For using the Zenitar as a rectilinear wide angle lens we use the lens correction tool PTLens. It is free and comes in a stand alone version as well as a Photoshop plugin.
Here is a z-picture of a yellow house, in three versions:

Above: uncorrected

Above: corrected with the old standard way in PTLens

Above: Corrected with the box for Fisheye ticked (the "new" way to do it in PTLens).

Other picture editors, for example Paint SHop Pro, has an inbuilt tool for correcting fisheyes.

It can be seen in these and other samples that lines close to the center of the pictures doesn't get very distorted. Lines closer to the edges can be quite distorded. By thinking of how you hold the and aim the camera you make the best use of the Zenitar. This way you also get pictures that quite easy can be corrected. Bring your brain when shooting and you can make very good use of the Zenitar functioneing as a very wide rectilinear lens (I don't mean the Zenitar is a rectilinear lens. You don't have to write to me telling me that it is a fisheye regardless of how I point it. Thank you.)

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