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Re: News to me (focus "issue")

jbaker6953 wrote:

I only use the center point because otherwise the camera pics
whatever is closest, and that's more annoying than the misfocus.

I agree. I want to decide what should be in focus and not leave it up
to the camera.

The misfocuses I experience are typically of of flat subjects that

A flat object, but you are focusing on something with edge contrast?
Why do you think this happens for aperatures smaller than f4 (f-stops
higher than f4)? You should get a larger depth of field with at
those distances your depth of field should give you a lot of margin.
I really don't understand your comment there because it is exactly
the opposite of how optics works...

If you are using good contrast 'edges' for focusing, then I'd think
your camera is miscalibrated. Before I sent it in, I'd be sure that you
are doing everything right...

are further than 100 feet. There is no way that there is a
difference in distance causing it. I can point the camera at a
building from across the street, take three pictures, and one will
probably be out of focus (usually the first one when I forget the
focus two or three times before shooting).

And this happens only for f-stops higher than f4? What kind of light
and how much contrast and edge sharpness in what you are using
for focusing? Does this also happen on a tripod?

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