is nightshot dead?

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Thanks Scott

Thank you for the update, I think it is time to update my pc and software as I only view the movies on the tv at present.

Look forward to seeing your next Director's cut !


Scott Bass wrote:

Thanks Alan, I converted to macintosh about 15 months ago and so I
use imovie or final cut pro for most of my video work, however I am
just learning and so everything I have done has been a mistake in
one way or another lol,
for example: when I shot the crazy train video I felt like with the
nightshot turned on it was way over exposing even with my nd
filters and so instead I left night shot off, attached my ir filter
and then maxed out my exposure level manually. this came out way to
dark and although it is a cool effect I think it would have been
better over exposed instead of under.

Basically you process video the same way for ir as you do pictures,
contrast and brightness ands convert to B&W, Hopefully if weather
and time cooperate I will reshoot crazy train next week so you will
have a better sense of what is possible. my camcorder is a trv-9
dvcam .

oh...and yes, most of my astro shots were shot threough my
telescope by doing macro on the eyepiece.

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