A620, S2 and movies

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A620, S2 and movies

Hi, i'm looking for my first digicam. I'm already user of Canon, an EOS 35 mm reflex 12 years old.

After a lot of research on internet I found that A610, A620 and S2 has very good picture quality and many features. I'm not interested in ultra detailed photography at ISO800 or ISO 1600, so any of them is right for me to take stills.

Where I can't take a decision is in the movie mode of each. I know that for taking movies I must have a camcorder instead of a digicam, but I will not buy one so I'm looking for a digicam that can take nice movies.

In one side I like the fast frame rate of A620/610 and the option of underwater housin, in other side I like the zoom while filming and the stereo sound of S2. But for the second side I have to pay u$s 150 extra, which in my country are almost half of my pay.
I also think that for that difference I can get 2 gb SD card.
Here are my questions:

-In many older digicams I heard in sample movies some noise from the camera when the autofocus system is workink (it sounds like constatnt "clicks"). Does it occur in the A620?? or the audio recorded is only the ambient audio and not the camera internal mechanism noise??

-How about movies in low light like indoor at night with artificial light? I've seen movies from Nikon cameras where the colors are far from naturals. All the movies taken with A620 I've seen were taken with natural light.

-Other think I like from the A620 over A610 is its remote control feature. Anyone tested it? Can I shoot automatically 100 or 200 pics at specified intervals from my computer while the camera is cnnected?

-I write to Canon asking if A620 supports 4 gb sd cards. They answer that if the card is formated with 32 bit file system should work fine. But, how can you choose to format in 16 or 32 bit mode from the camera? Does the camera provides this option??

Thank you all for your time and sorry for my english, I'm from a non english speaking country (Argentina).


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