Canon 35L or 135L.. If you could choose

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Canon 35L or 135L.. If you could choose


I know they differ a lot but hear me out.

I own a 10D with:
Canon 17-40L
Sigma 24-70 EX 2.8
Canon 50 1.8
Canon 85L (just arrived)
Canon 100 macro
Canon 100-400L

I sold my Sigma 70-200EX because it was too heavy for me and the reach I could get with the 100-400L and I'm very happy with it.

With the money I got from the Sigma, I can buy either the 35L or a 135L plus a 15mm fisheye. I got a friend who got this lens, and for some photos is soo funny I want to have it too.

I plan to have a 5d on July, so the wide angle will be well covered for my needs.

I have planned to buy the Sigma 10-20, but the 5d would make this one useless.

I don't have a special style to shoot although I rather love portraits.

I do not care if this lens has to be a bright one, since when I have the 5d (low noisein high ISO) plus the sigma 2.8 will cover for light.

I have saw many pictures on Pbase and the 35L doesn't impress me much (just a few, but those are because of form and light, not lens showing that I can tell the difference), but the 135L does.

I'm in a spot, where I get the chance to get either combination, and I'm not willing to wait, due to some currency issues in my country. If I wait, I might not get them.

If you had to choose, what would you choose?

It can also be a 135L and a 35 regular... I just don't know if I can justify "3" 35's.

This might seem a shallow question, bur believe me is not for me.
Thank you for your help as always.

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