Ricoh GRD...anything else like it?

Started Mar 15, 2006 | Discussions thread
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If you want wide...

the Nikon Coolpix 8400 is 24mm equivalent at its wide end. With the optional wide-angle adapter it drops to 18mm.

Even the old Coolpix 5000 went to 28mm on the wide end, and 19mm with its wide-angle adapter.

Paul Wossidlo
Pittsburgh, PA

silent_man wrote:

As I read the specifications I got very interested in the Ricoh.

The 28mm wide-angle is great because almost ALL of the compacts
only offer 35mm.
That comes as benefit if you consider the wide-angle converter that
makes it a 20mm - WOW!
However, a fixed 28mm lacks versatility, and that's just a shame.
The Ricoh leaves us just with the digital zoom which is absolutely
There's also the fact that it just can't be found within the US.

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