R1800 and BW Printing

Started Feb 28, 2006 | Discussions thread
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2400 4800 question

adydula wrote:

I have R1800 and a 4800 PRo Stylus.

The R1800 will make nice BW prints on RC and matte papers.

There not as good as the 2400 but they still are very good quality.

The advanced BW driver in the 2400 produces stellar BW prints.

When printing a Black and White on the 2400/4800 (which is an RGB file that channel mixer was used on) do you have to trip a switch to make the printer give it's best black and white.

E.g. does the printer see/handle a colour RGB file, the same as a B&W rgb file ?

Reason I ask, is when doing spot colour of tinting is the B&W quality the same - if one has to put the printer into a b&w mode I assume qualtiy is not quite as good.


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