H1 0r H2 or H5

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Re: H1 0r H2 or H5

dick wrote:

No, I have 2 Olympus cameras, but I am considering an H2.

I don't blame you, I was looking at the pics in your "Doors and More" thread http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1008&message=17258238 and I like them (you have a good eye) but I noticed the pics are really soft like my Olympus D-435 pics are. I like my D-435 because it's really small and seems to run forever on only 2 AA batteries but the pics are too soft for my taste like in your "Doors and More" thread. Which Olympus cameras do you have and is the softness the reason your considering an H2? Also, do all the Olympus cameras produce soft pics or just the models we have?
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