...and shockingly low noise

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...and shockingly low noise

Hi all.

I saw this comment on pop-photo:
"Nikon D200 DSLR. Camera Test: Amazing image quality and shockingly low noise"
I will not comment, just post this challenge for you:
Identify the camera and the ISO setting of the crops below.
To help you out, two pics are with D200 and the other two with 20D.

Both cameras hand-held, zoomed to roughly the same area. Shot in raw and converted to tif16 with C1.
Cropped and combined in PS CS2 and saved as jpeg maximum quality.

No noise reduction, no sharpening, 5000K/0 tint color balance and linear luminance response. Also exposure compensation, contrast and color saturation set to 0.

In other words this is what the sensors "saw" in each case. Of course 1:1 pixel crops. I include the exposure histogram for obvious reasons.
Experiment all you want with NR sharpening etc and see the results on all 4...
I will save my impressions from the two cameras for later.

Still I'd like to say that both cameras are amazing tools with strengths and weaknesses.
A good photographer may want any of the two;
A rich photographer both.
A fanatic wants a fight not a camera.

Let's see you now, the winner gets a round of applause


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