The Sunday BIRD Vol. 1, Issue 48: March 12, 2006

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***Re: Martinez, Ca, USA -east SF bay

My good friends.
I have received the bad news that my father has had a stroke.
As a diversion to my stress I turned to my hobby and this forum.

I am reluctant to add a thread at 140 posts, but I have to say thank you for validating my retouch on the sky in my 2nd image. I saw the glow in the wings and wanted to accent it. I found the BG to have a common color so a selection to a layer was easy and darkening it really paid off. It is close to what I saw, with a bit of drama I guess. This was shot 3 from the camera set on 6 fps. I stopped the series and started it again during a 60" flight from the nest to this tree (tracking all the while). They seem to be using these twigs to make nests.

I am humbled by all your comments... and have learned from your comments that when I have love in my heart when I trip the shutter I find favor among my piers.

You all have given me a bright spot in this period of my life.
Thank you so much.

I need to print this and drive 500 miles to my father and share it.
Love is what it's all about...
(Mike Lowery) - SF bay area, CA, USA
-- All things considered, the final image is all that matters.

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