e300 test mode iso 50,60,80...

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e300 test mode iso 50,60,80...

I'm not sure if accessing this mode is a good thing but I messed with it for about an hour and everything still seems to work fine.

Sorry about the bad pictures, it is 2:30am and i have class at 8:00am oops!

Iso 50:

Iso 100:

Check Exif if you need more convincing**

First you need to get to the diagnostics screens
As others have posted:
1.open CF door
2.press 'play' and 'ok' button at the same time and then release them

3.then on the 4 button keypad press 'up' 'down' 'left' 'right' press the shutter button and then the 'up' button again.

at this point you should see a screen that says "page 1" and a bunch of other stuff.

Now for the fun stuff (a little unscientific aswell):

1.To get to the Test Mode goto page 3 by pressing the 'iso' button, it should now indicate "page 3"

2. Then press random buttons along with the 'ok' button until the "Test" screen pops up. (you'll know it when it does and it will). Once you have gotten the test screen to pop up once all you need to do is press "ok" and you will go back to it.

So far I have found that I can get the camera into iso=50, 60, 80, 125, 160, 250, 320, 500, and 640. and when you close the CF door those setting are retained until you change the iso value you can even turn the camera off and it will stay.

To get ISO 50 for example scroll to 'prg 10' and then press 'ok' it will flash on the screen and then shut the CF door and viola usable ISO 50 until you change iso. To get other iso values goto 'prg 10' and then just go over to item and change that value to 1=iso60,2=iso80 and so on.

Obviously this is not what you would want to be doing while out taking pictures but if a situation calls for a very low ISO there ya go:)

There are a lot of other things in there (most do nothing) but there is a complete reset by holding certain buttons but who knows how much of a reset "full reset" is so i wont provide that one.

This goes to show you the the firmware is there from the E-500 as far as iso but deactivated.


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