from 112 shots (fine jpg) to 168 per 1Gb?

Started Mar 12, 2006 | Discussions thread
Tim Parsley Contributing Member • Posts: 824
If it makes you feel any better . . .

I'm primarily a NEF shooter, but shoot a jpeg every once in a while. I hadn't even thought to change the jpeg setting to optimal quality. When I did, I noticed a difference --- not only in file size, but in the detail of the images in jpeg. Noticeably better.

I'm wondering how many of the people who complained about the detail/sharpness of the D200 were shooting with it on "file size"? If so, they might like it better with that change on the menu.

Thanks Alan, for bringing up your concern, and Kantucky for answering his question. I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm driving with the headlights off . . .


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