true wide-angle versus stiched panorama

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Re: true wide-angle versus stiched panorama

It depends what you like to capture. If you want to shoot building interiors, or close up people reportages, a wide angle is a good choice.

If you like to make panoramic landscape shots, stitched panoramas are the way to go, me thinks. Why?

With a wide angle lens, it is important for a good composition to have something interesting in the picture foreground, otherwise the result is mostly a dull picture, with a lot of empty foreground.

The picture below is made with 44mm focal length, so not even real wide angle, and it already lacks a interesting foreground. With a real wide angle lens, even more boring foreground and smaller buildings in the background would be the result.

On the other side, with todays digital cameras, it is easy to create a wide landscape shot with a stitched panorama. When using a focal length on the tele side, the result is a more compressed and detailled view of the landscape.

The panorama below is done handheld, around 70mm focal length, 5 pictures stitched together automatic with 'Panorama Factory'.

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