Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

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Scott Olds Senior Member • Posts: 1,112
This really really looks to be an invalid patent.

ILoveNikon wrote:

A patent was issued two months ago (Jan. 2006) that could have a
big effect on event photographers everywhere. It was issued to a
Peter Wolf, the owner of Photocrazy.com. Anyways, you can read up
on all the gory details here:


This really appears to be an invalid patent. I'm not a patent attorney but I have written a few patent disclosures and worked with patent attorneys on them. A key theme that has been drilled into my head by the patent attornies I have worked with is that a patent has to be for a novel idea that is not obviouse to someone skilled in the art.

My problem is that I don't see anything novel in his claims. I read some of the claims in his patent and it seem like he is stating the obvious.

This one puzzles me. I may ask one of my patent attorney friends if there is an easy way (meaning no or little $) to have the USPTO rethink a patent. Another thing that has been drilled into me is just because a patent has been issued, it doesn't mean that its perfect. This one seems to prove his point.

I also have problems with his strong statement on his web site. He claims there a lot more than what the patent claims.


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