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bright round ball...

monkmusic wrote:


How do you get the clarity? I have a Sigma 70-300 and all I get is
a bright round ball. Is it because I'm going to infinity or not
changing the settings manually?

Moon as a bright round ball is usually because folks try to use matrix metering. Switch to spot metering.

Shooting the moon is the same as shooting a white flower against a black bacground on a nice sunny day. After all the moon is in full sunlight.

1) Use spot metering
2) Use f8 or faster (try to get a fast shutter speed)
3) Use a tripod
4) Use 2 second timer for mirror lockup
5) Use a wired remote or IR remote

6) The moon is moving through your viewfinder as you are trying to take the shot (this is why you need a faster shutter speed). So, position your camera's view so that in two seconds the moon will be in your desired composition.
7) Take the image
8) Show us your results

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