A620 or G6?

Started Dec 6, 2005 | Discussions thread
ctrauer Junior Member • Posts: 43
Re: Re A62O or G6? ctrauer

I thought the 610 performed nimbly and produced great pictures. Quick candid shots were equal to those of the G6. So I think 610/620 is going to meet most people's needs.

The G6 is (was) going to be for the enthusiast who wants to coax a little bit more out of a non-dSLR. An externally mounted flash and the ability to shoot RAW is going to give the edge to the photographers who have the patience and deal with such things. (I do realize that you can get an external flash -- slave, I believe -- for 620, but I don't how they perform.)

I'm saving my pennies for a flash, but I've seen what a difference one makes.

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