50/1.4 or 135/2 dilemma...help

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My advice

My advice will be conflicting, so be warned.

I have both. In fact I have the 50 f/1.4, 85L, 135L, 24-70, 70-200 IS

All fantastic lenses. I'm blessed to be able to have them all. I also shoot FF and 1.3x crop.

I will tell you hands down, the best lens of the bunch, and the one I grab for a walk in the woods every time is the 135L.

The 50 gets used for available light sitting on the couch with the kids by the window. anywhere I know I need to be close, but for the sheer joy of photography, the 135 is hard to beat. Even the 85L, though amazing, doesn't quite do it for me like the 135, but that's probably due to it being slower and heavier and not as natural in the hand.

Now all of that being said, the 50 is a wonderful lens for the price. My problem with 50mm (and I know I'll get heat from a lot of people for this), is that it's, well, sort of boring.

Now that's a lens-by-lens comparison. The issue for you may be more financial. I can tell you that I had the 50 long before I had the 135, and I had a lot of fun with it.

If money is a prime driver, then money is a prime driver. Be careful about lusting after something beyond your means.

But then, if it makes you happy, what price happiness?

See - conflicting...

FWIW when I want something I shouldn't buy, I force myself to sell some other thing I don't use that much.

Cameras don't take great pictures; people take great pictures

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