Nikon 18-200 lens question

Started Mar 9, 2006 | Discussions thread
Mike Neary Veteran Member • Posts: 3,355
Re: Don't forget

Joe Mondello wrote:

That VR only affects camera movement not subject movement so for
"racing pictures" faster glass may be more important than VR.


That said, I like the 18-200 VR very much and find it to be more
than acceptably sharp at the edges at f/8.

I concur. At f/8 the 18-200 VR is sharp all over the frame.

Most people can probably live with the soft corners at wide open apertures, since that usually means you are trying to freeze some motion in the center and isolate the subject. The soft corners are no big deal in that situation.

Still, it has to be noted that the 18-200 is optically inferior to the 18-70. Not by much, but still! The 18-70 gets so many bad comments on this forum, I feel it deserves a lot better.

At the long end, the 18-200 VR is not even close to the 80-200 2.8. That difference is like night and day!


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