Best A3 printer for glossy papers?

Started Mar 3, 2006 | Discussions thread
DigitalNut Regular Member • Posts: 151
Re: Best A3 printer for glossy papers?

Did those who have reported trouble with the carts say whether they were using the older sponge type carts or the newer spongeless carts. The sponge carts had problems with ink foaming after a while. The spongeless carts that I'm using have been perfect. However some people have reported that the little rubber plug that fits in the refill hole has caused problems if it does'nt fit perfectly. If the fit is'nt perfect the carts can leak ink into the printer. I have not had this problem. I had a CIS system on an 1160 from MIS and I had a few problems with it. Mainly the tubing snagging on the carts. However maybe the latter ones are better. Be aware that with CIS to work perfectly I believe that the system likes to be used regularly. I also have read the same about the larger printers like 4800. They need constant use. Anyway good luck with your choice.


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