Is it worth the extra money 20D vs 30D ?

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Re: Is it worth the extra money 20D vs 30D ?

I say if you have the money, go with what's new! Sure the 10D and the 20D are great cameras, I have the 10D and it's great, but the 30D does have some great new features that I can't wait to get my hands on. I know you said the 2.5" diplay isn't important to you, but I had a hard time making out anything in that tiny display. I'm also looking forward to the ability to use the new EF-S lens, that 1.6 muliplyer has always felt like a crunch to me and being able to use a lens that is design for that 1.6 is gonna be big for me, since I do a lot of wide angle shots.

The 30D has that new 100,000 cycle shutter durability, so that should be big for you. You won't regret it. I personally can't wait.

Wirelezz wrote:

i'm just in the process buying an Canon and i now can get a 20D or
wait till next wek sometime for a 30D ?
I'm not wurried about 2.5" display, I'm more concerned about speed
of shutter and life time on shutter, or focusing isues.
Ill be using prime F1.4 lenses.
any advice?

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