Is it worth the extra money 20D vs 30D ?

Started Mar 8, 2006 | Discussions thread
misha Forum Pro • Posts: 18,768
Re: Is it worth the extra money 20D vs 30D ?

J A K wrote:

I don't understand your "prime f/1.4 lenses

Well, there's the 50/1.4, 35/1.4L, 24/1.4L, and the APS Sigma 30/1.4.

I'm a bit surprised by your assessment of the focus on your 10D (better than 1/3 DOF). Canon claims as an improvement in the 20D 1/3 DOF - but only with 2.8 and faster and only the central high-sensitivity AF point. Does it mean that the 20D only has better AF on average, while individual copies of the 10D can outperform the standard for the 20D?

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