Is it worth the extra money 20D vs 30D ?

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Re: Is it worth the extra money 20D vs 30D ?

Just my opinion but the 20D (which I don't own) is a lot of camera for the money. If the "additional" features associated with the 30D doesn't turn you on then by all means save your money and get a 20D.

From the standpoint of static focus accuracy, the probability of getting a perfect 20D is just as likely for a 30D. Now, from the standpoint of AI servo it is highly probable the 30D will outperform the 20D. You (and only you) must decide what performance parameters are important.

BTW, the reason I didn't get a 20D is because it did not represent enough of an upgrade from the 10D to gain my interest. I have a 10D and the AF is perfect (well, better than 1/3 DOF); in fact I prayed my 1DmkII's AF accuracy would be as good as the 10D (and it was).

Another factor for you to consider, new 10D bodies are available from B&H Photo; they only cost $800. Compared to the 20D, at ISO 100 the 10D has lower noise, equal noise at ISO 200, and at higher ISOs the 20D beats the 10D. The 10D at $800 is a LOT of bang for the buck.

Again, it boils down to listing your priorities and then deciding what camera best supports the majority of the "important" requirements. For example, if shooting wildlife is VERY high on your priority list a 1DmkII may the camera you need. If group photography is your thing then a 5D or 1DsII may be the camera you need. More than likely, depending on the lenses in your bag, the 20D (or 30D) will suffice for 95 percent of the photo opportunities you encounter.

I don't understand your "prime f/1.4 lenses"; there is only one that I'm aware of. FWIW, the 17-40 on the 10D/20D/30D is one heck of a performer for landscape photography.


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