D200 file Compression questions

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Re: D200 file Compression questions

gnet158 wrote:

JPEG Compression lists two options,
1 Size Priority
2 Optimal Quality

What’s the real difference aside from being able to fit more JPEG’s
on your CF card when using option 1?

RAW NEF Compression
1 NEF (RAW) no compression
2 Comp NEF (RAW) – compresses files 40-50% with little drop in
quality. Is that true?

I have not shot jpg's yet, I might try it under sunny outdoor conditions. I set mine for Quality for when the time comes.

The compressed NEFs aren't quite 1/2 the size but almost. My understanding is that most of the compression is at the extremes. I have not been able to tell the difference in anything that I have done. I have shot both ways but not in a controlled test.

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