Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

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Re: No fancy electronics need for infringement

Michael Fryd wrote:

Ted Marchut wrote:

It is also worth noting that he claims far more than sporting
events. In the first paragraph of the Detailed Description of the
Preferred Embodiments, he states:

"The event can comprise any organized event, such as a dance or
graduation ceremony, but is particularly suited for athletic events
such as bicycling, marathon, triathlon, hockey and other organized
sporting events."

I spoke to Mr. Wolf via telephone and he assured me that his patent
only covers sporting events. He further assured me that beauty
pageants (even those with talent competitions) are NOT sporting

Assuming Mr. Wolf is an honorable man, his word should be sufficient.

On the other hand, Mr. Wolf is in a difficult position. There are
many web sites out there that existed long before he applied for
his patent. He needs to be careful to make sure he excludes
pre-existing web sites from his claim. Obviously, it is to Mr.
Wolf's benefit to exclude only the sites he needs to exclude, and
to include as many sites as possible.

A decent man would not feel the need to even attempt patents on this. Whats up with him? Worried about the competition....this is the sort of loathsome behaviour that is anti competetive, and looks like nothing other than an attempt to milk cash out of people...

People like this shouldnt be in business...let alone a photography business

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