Oh No! Newbie with a D200!

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Re: Oh No! Newbie with a D200!

Well, I don't use auto ISO. If you want to use it, limiting would be good.

Yes, a sweet spot is nice but you can get outside of it quickly so here is how I look at it.

Always starting with ISO at 100, decide mode first.

For me, that is 80% of the time A, 10% S and 10% I want to be full manual so M.

So most of the time I start in Mode A and pick my aperture, then check the meter to see what the shutter speed is and see if it is appropriate for action, hand holding etc.

If the speed is too slow, I make sure I can't go with a larger aperture before raising ISO. Raising ISO is always my last option and I want to be in charge of it.

Same process for mode S, just starting with shutter speed, then aperture then ISO but only if I have too.

If I have to dial in some exposure compensation but I am already at the limits, I dial up a little more ISO and start from the top again just too make sure. Of course that doesn't take any more time really. Just a double check.

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