Oh No! Newbie with a D200!

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Re: Oh No! Newbie with a D200!

jtower42 wrote:

ISO's are 640 and 1400 respectively.

Are you using ISO on auto?

As I and others said, it seemed you were using a high ISO. It is of course possible you wanted some grain like noise in the image - not a choice I would have made. I suspected a high ISO from the noise in the second picture on the dark wall.

1/8000 was the giveaway. So, same shot, same aperature but ISO at 100 instead of 640 and the exposure is is 1/1250. Closing down 1 to 2 stops was in the range you probably wanted. 1/320 to 1/640 would have been plenty to still stop motion blur.

I don't raise the ISO until I can't get open enough or fast enough with the aperature or shutter. Those two first at ISO 100 and if they work stay there.

I suspect you have figured that all out by now

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