Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

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Re: Just one question!

Michael Fryd wrote:

As it turns out, I have a web site that predates Mr. Wolf's patent
application, and in some ways is similar to his patent.

We have contestants who wear signs with identifying information.

We enter the identifying information into a database, and upload
the images to our web site.

We allow people to find photos by searching by the identifying
information, or by the date (our events sometimes run as long as 3

Our biggest customers for this service are beauty pageants.

Obviously, Mr. Wolf's patent was of interest to me. I have
spoken to Mr. Wolf, and he has assured me that his patent only
applies to sporting events. He assured me that a Beauty Pageant is
NOT a sporting event, and therefore our sites to not infringe on
his patent.

I found Mr. Wolf's words to be reassuring, as my initial reading of
his web site ( http://www.photocrazy.com/FAQ.html ) led me to believe
his claim covered all event photography.

Depending on the sort of events you cover, you may NOT be
infringing on his patent.

For some really interesting reading, you may widh to look at Mr
Wolf's other patent applications:

Application 20040036015 , Serial No.: 224674
using an electric eye to trigger a camera.

Application 20050117018 Serial No.: 008697
using remote controlled cameras to take pictures of a sporting event.

I would expect that unless someone demonstrates prior art, these
patents will also be granted.

Why does this idiot feel the need to patent this? I mean whats the motivation? Let me guess........



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