Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

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Re: Sporting events only- Wolf's other patent applications

Ted Marchut wrote:


His provisional patent application dates back to November, 1999 and
I don't remember, off the top of my head, if Photoreflect or SEPN
or anyone else had anything at that point. My feeling is that
there were several.

My sites were up at that point. I suspect that Mr. Wolf position is that the pre-existing sites don't intrude on his patented process.

If he is claiming ownership of online proofing and ordering, he
will likely have a difficult time defending the patent.

I am not a patent attorney, but my limited understanding is that he is only claiming ownership of online proofing of SPORTING events where the participants are identified by a sign they are wearing. For instance a marathon race where everyone is wearing a number.

Generic online proofing sites without a search function, or not involving sporting events, may not be in conflict with his patent.

Of course, one should never rely on internet advice, and one should always consult with a knowledgeable attorney for advice in these matters.

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