Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

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Re: Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

This is interesting, but it does not really (that I can see, from a glance) conflict with the manner in which many events are shot. For example, photos from a soccer tournament might be organized into fields and game times, and the participants browse electronic or physical proofs at the event, looking for shots they like from the games that they (or their kids, whatever) participated in.

This would not touch his patent, from what I can tell and is a system that was widely used prior to his patent. In fact, he even acknowledges that event photographers have tagged photos by participant, so it is unlikely that he is trying to claim ownership of that concept either. It sounds like he is just trying to create a better way to gather that data.

As an interesting aside, he states that the reason for the invention is at least partially because of obscured bib numbers for runners. Other than recording the exact date and time of the photo (which is in the EXIF data, so he did not invent that, nor is it likely he could convince anyone that he invented the idea of searching for photos or organizing photos based on EXIF data), he has not really proposed a solution, other than to have runners wear transmitters, which send identifying data to the photographer as they pass.

This is very interesting and may be the basis for the patent.

I did not read it very carefully, but I do not see anything that would cause me great concern if I was still doing event photography. It seems likely that he is going to try to sell some product based on these ideas. I do not expect to hear about him spying on event photographers, looking for bits of their workflow that allegedly violate his patent. I am no patent attorney, though.

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