Mirror lock??

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Re: Mirror lock??

dylanbarnhart wrote:

Whenever you use a long exposure, say 30 seconds, on a tripod, any
movement of the camera at all will cause blur on the image. When
the mirror releases, it causes a small vibration. The purpose of
mirror lock up is to remove that vibration. I've tried with and
without mirror lock up before, and I couldn't detect any difference
on the two resulting images. But I do turn on the feature all the
time just to be sure. So I'd say the feature isn't all that
important, especially if you don't do long exposures too often.

Mirror lockup is more important for "short-ish" long exposures. For long exposures like 30 seconds the initial vibration, which lasts only a second or two, is overwhelmed by the 28 vibration-free seconds. But for exposures up to 10 seconds or so it can make a big difference.

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