AF Points with Sports

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Re: AF Points with Sports

I have my custom functions set up so that focus is with the AE lock button. I also have them set so that the "assist" button is registered to the center AF point. I leave the camera set to all 45. This allows me to instantly change between either all 45 (pressing the AE lock button) or just the center (pressing the assist button). So when my subject fills most of the frame - I can use all 45. When I need to be more precise or the subject doesn't fill much of the frame - I switch to just the center AF point simply by pressing a different button. Works really well for me with sports like basketball and baseball. Keeping in mind that I only use this method for AI servo. When using one shot, I stick to just the center af point. Menu-wise: CF 04 is set to 3 and CF 18 is set to 2.

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