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Re: Can I use a digital camera instead of Scanner?!

Leon, please let me know the result. I want to buy a color matching software, but I don't have a scanner, and I don't plan to buy one. So if you can try it, it'll be really helpful.

I think illumination shouldn't be such a big problem. because you have to use a standard color chart to profile the camera first. As long as the two shots were taken at same condition, should have no problem.


Leon Wittwer wrote:
Might work. Probably worth a try. If there is a problem, it might
be from having a more limited color space with a camera than with a
scanner. You might also find things changing with different
illuminations when you take the shot. I may try this myself.

xin wrote:
Can I use a digital camera instead of Scanner?! Anybody ever
tried this?
Cause you only need an image of the printout, why buy a scanner
just for color matching? And as many people mentioned, different
scanner gives you different result. How do I know which scanner I
should get!


BruceH wrote:
WiziWyg gives me great results using an Epson 1650 scanner. I
think the 48-bit color helps. I used it previously with an old IBM
Ideascan scanner, and the results were nowhere near as good.

Leon Wittwer wrote:

I use WiziWYG to good effect but it does have a weakness: results
can vary with different scanners. I think that the problem has to
do with differing lamps and illumination in scanners interacting
with the dyes, pigments, etc. in prints or possible on the color
references. I get good results with my ancient HP 6100C scanner
but I tried a modern HP office scanner and the results were much
less good. This could be an issue with any system since they all
have to "read" the prints sometime to generate a profile. Has
anyone else out there seen this sort of thing? Leon
Kris K wrote:

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