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Bangkok Shopping

Hey There,

I've been living in Bangkok for over 4 years now and have a pretty good idea of where to shop.. Please be careful, there are alot of shonky outfits selling bad gear, i'll do my best to list where and where not to go.

Niks - - This is Nikon Thailand, rest assured everything is kosher here.

(((MBK))) is a tourist shopping centre, consequently the prices are higher. BE VERY CAREFUL about where you shop in MBK, the only 100% reputable shops are the two i've listed below, Sunny camera and Fotofile. I've heard terrible storys about the other shops taking componants out of cameras and replacing them with cheap fakes. And not just rumors but from the Nikon dealers themselves.

Sunny Camera - MBK shopping centre - Sunny is a registered dealer of Nikon Thailand, this is where i've purchased the bulk of my equipment. Customer service is good although there range of products isn't. The only third party gear they stock is Tamron lenses.

Fotofile - Ground floor MBK - - Thrives on it's reputation, has a fantastic range of Nikon lenses both new and used. If you are having trouble finding the lens you want, this place will be your best bet, although their gear is always slightly more expensive than elsewhere.

(((CHINA TOWN))) has a lot of camera shops scattered around the place, most of which you'd have to be mad to purchase from. I won't name names because i haven't had first hand experience, however, be warned. The only 100% reputable shop is AV camera below and if you can find what you're looking for at AV i'd recommend them before anyone else!

AV Camera - - Comes highly recommended! They are by far the cheapest "reputable" camera shop i've purchased from, they've always got good sales on and the staff are extremely willing to help.

There are a lot of other camera shops around Bangkok but the shops i've listed are very accessable and have the largest range of equipment. If you want to do any printing, (as it's extremely cheap in Bkk) you're best to go to the shops opposite "Central Lat Phrao" shopping centre. They do alot of processing for the pros in Bangkok and I'm constantly confused as to how they make any money, the prices are so cheap!

If you're looking for something specific that you can't find in these shops feel free to drop me an email and i'll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Happy Picture Making!


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