New Sigma 1770DC v Canon 1785IS

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Bought one, 1st impressions vs 18-50 EX...

Just received a UPS package from B&H so don't expect any pics for now especially outdoors one. Just took few pics inoors of focusing charts and a row of AA batteries to mae sure that AF is fine (had bad prior experience with 2 copies of 18-50 EX). Everything is fine.

1st impressions vs 18-50 EX:

  • Similar build and feel with EX signature finish. A little shorter and lacks cool EX gold ring. Hood same as 18-50 (very nice).

  • Still build wise EX feels just a tiny bit better: focus ring is a tad better dumpened (17-70 feels kinda free wheeling), internal barrel on 17-70 is plain plastic (no nice finish) and not a single peice (2 parts but nothing is woobling). In any case 17-70 feels better built than something like EF 28-135 IS or 17-85 IS.

  • On XT (One Dhot, Central AF point) focuses pretty well in a dimly lit room even at 70mm and f4.5. At same scene 18-50 hunted longer at 50mm at both f2.8 and f4.5

  • AF speed and noise (though not precision) under low home lights seem similar to 18-50 EX meaning not great compared to USM but accpetable.

  • Judging by some closeups at 50mm f4.5 sharpness seems similar to 18-50 with the same settings and same distance (half a meter).

  • Overal color tone on 17-70 looks more neutral compared to warmer 18-50. But take this with a grain of salt since I was shooting under home incandecent lights using respective AWB preset.

  • Macros come out nice and sharp and indeed are all the fun others were raving about.

  • Shooting indoors lack of f2.8 at tele was sorely missed (had to jack ISO all the way up to 1600 to compensate).

That's it for now. In few days I'm taking 17-70 on vaccation from Siberish NYC to the sunny Carribean where it'll get real outdoors test. Maybe before that I'll manage to make some product shots with my studio lights and will post them.

For now 17-70 feels like a winner for travel and stuff. If all goes well it'll be hard to part with constant f2.8 on 18-50 and IS on 28-135 but looks like both are destined for eBay to be replaced by 70-300 IS.

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