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Re: 4/3 ratio for printing

benjilafouine wrote:

Can I ask a question here? Something I never quite really understood.

4/3 produces pictures that are different aspect ratio from the
legacy 35mm format. Canon (and Nikon I presume and several others)
has made a distinction regarding this ratio between their P&S model
lines versus their DSLR lines.

Ratio 4/3 can make nice pictures, but in my country, there is no
way to find photo paper for this ratio. I believe that 4x6 inches
is some kind of standard.

With my 350D, I shoot, I print borderless. With my Powershot S1 IS,
I shoot, and I have to crop (or let the sofware determine what I
will lose) if I want a borderless picture.

For years, I have been searching 4.5x6 paper in stores without any
luck. Some people still like to print their pictures.

So, if DSLRs are going to be 4/3, maybe manufacturers should start
making 4.5x6 paper (and upscale ratios as well).

Any answers to this? I would really like to understand.


i read that TV is 4:3, so the camcorders were 4:3 so companies had everythign ramped up for 4:3 CCD's so it was easier for them to stick to 4:3. personally, I think 4:3 stinks for stills or video. why do you think stuff like King Kong and the like are shot at least in 1.85:1 and sometimes as much as 2.35:1. much more dramatic and sweeping and fits feel of the eye better.

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