A610 and G6 CTRAUER two months ago

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A610 and G6 CTRAUER two months ago

You wrote this (below) some months ago. I (for one) would be interested to learn how now (I am referring to your para 6 below) you think the A610 compares with the G6. Thanks.

Other people's comments on this, of course, would be of great interest.

Re: A620 or G6?
ctrauer - 2 months ago

Hi. I'm a G6 owner. I'm not sure that you are giving up a lot by choosing a 620. Yes, the G6 lens is probably just a bit better specs-wise but that does not mean 620 prints will be necessarily inferior. With either camera, you will have difficulties getting superior images in low light, like most digital cameras.

I believe a good flash is a big component in taking your pictures to the next level. You'll see that in some of the sample pics posted here.

G6 has a hotshoe and the camera will work with your external flash to get a better exposure. 620 has an attachment for a slave flash, which fires when it detects the light from the main flash. See it here: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2005_reviews/a620_pg2.html .

I believe the slave flash gives you less flexibility. For example, you can't bounce the light indirectly for softer light.

Having said that, a flash is also a huge investment: anywhere from $150 for used on up.

What you are gaining with 620 is quality pictures, better transfer speed (usb 2.0), better operational speed and better size/portability.

But if you want to take the time (and money) to learn how to coax good pictures out of your camera, G6 should theoretically have more potential. (I bought my mother a 610 for xmas, so I should have better firsthand knowledge soon.)

One last: I don't think 620 has RAW image format, which gives you more control over exposure/contrast/saturation etc in postprocessing. But again, that is a commitment of time and learning to take advantage of that. Most people are satisfied with the great prints they get using the camera's jpeg formats. (Plus, RAW won't make a bad picture good or a mediocre one great.)

If anything sounds wrong here, I am

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