QImage Pro -- savior?

Started Nov 4, 2001 | Discussions thread
Kenny Frank Contributing Member • Posts: 641
Re: QImage Pro -- savior?

Thanks-- I downloaded it.

Kenny Frank

John Davis wrote:

Kenny Frank wrote:
Where can I find QImage?

Kenny Frank

Radu Grozescu wrote:

My original image files are high-quality JPEG's from my digital
camera. Should I change them to the TIFF-format? - If so, why?

If you are going to just print the files, there is no need to save
them as tiff.

BUT if you are going to edit them, saving then as jpg again will
have adverse effects on quality, so save them as tiff. This way you
can open them, edit and save as many times as you want without the
drop in quality from jpg compression over another jpg compression,
over another ...

Radu Grozescu

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