My review of Giottos MT9180 tripod and MH1001 ball head.

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Re: Flip Clips Can Fail with Age

I also recently bought this tripod and one of their monopods. Great Build quality, but a bit heavy - at least the aluminum version is - they also other lighter materials versions for more $$$.

One of the reasons that I went with the twist lock legs is my very old flip locks (yes is it an old SLIK so better quality tripods may not have this problem) began allowing slip when I mounted my 5D/heavy 80-200 APO lens. Not a problem with lighter lenses, but anything heavy and it would begin losing height. You'd hardly notice the slip, but if you waited a couple of minutes and came back, the subject would be out of frame. This tripod is over 15 years old and got a lot of use and only started slipping recently. It served me well and was worth every penny. I'm not complaining, but has anyone else encountered this problem with flip locks on their pods?

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