End of Megapixel wars and EF-S buying decisions

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Hmm, a flaw in my reasoning

The pixel size would not be larger in such a sensor.

A single Bayer sensor in its simplest form has three detectors, one for Red one for Green and one for Blue. That are three photosites that count as three pixels once you make an image sensor with it. Information of one Red subpixel is also used to form a Green and a Blue detector, one Green subpixel's signal is used to for Red and Blue information, etc., etc. (hence the low precision of a Bayer).

In a true color sensor, like the Foveon 3X, you need to have just as many photosites as there are subpixels on a Bayer if you want to say "this is a 8.2 Mp sensor too".

There still is no need for a blurring anti-alias filter but the noise advantage is zero.

But because the spatial per-pixel quality is higher (no errors vs lots) than with the Bayer filters you need less pixels to reach a similar image quality. You can make do with less pixels and therefore the pixels can be larger and that will lead to less noise. But try selling a 6Mp Foveon DSLR to the public while they already have 7-10 Mp Point and Shoots (which are really 1,75 or 2.5 Mp camera's if they utilise, say, a RGBG Bayer filter).

Well, if there isn't a flaw in my rain metering theory then you can go ahead and start production after the weekend.


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