End of Megapixel wars and EF-S buying decisions

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Ian Hobday Regular Member • Posts: 455
Re: Evidence to the contrary

stephenmelvin wrote:

Here's the fly in your logical ointment: Fuji F10/F11/F30. I own
the F10. The sensor is about 1/9 the size of the one on the D2x,
yet it gives ISO 1600 performance that's comparable. It's a 6.3mp
sensor and scaling it up would yield a 55mp sensor that looks as
clean, pixel for pixel, as the D2x at ISO 1600. That's phenomenal

Do you have some 100% crops of images to show? I would expect the camera is heavily processing the image to reduce noise and thus is losing a lot of detail. The same image taken at ISO100 vs ISO1600 would be great.


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