End of Megapixel wars and EF-S buying decisions

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Re: Good post, one thing to add...

Ian Hobday wrote:

Very well said.

One additional thing worth noting is that you need a substantial
increase in the pixel count before you see a worthwhile increase in
horizontal or vertical resolution.

In my opinion a 25% increase in horz/vert resolution is worthwhile.
Less than that and the resolution increase on its own is not worth
the upgrade -- there would need to be other very important
improvements to make it worthwhile.

I agree with this. Initially while the market was growing fast I tried to get near double MP in each new camera. I went 2MP, 4MP, 7MP. That way I noticed a fair jump with each one.

Saying that moving the camera to 10mp is not worth it because of the small change in resolution, supposes everyone is moving from 8mp cameras. But many folks have 6MP cameras and while 8MP won't represent much difference for them, the 6MP -10MP jump would be worthwhile.

I would really like a 1.3 crop with those same 6.4 micron pixels that are in the 20d, 30d.

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