End of Megapixel wars and EF-S buying decisions

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Re: End of Megapixel wars and EF-S buying decisions

David Martin wrote:

Paul Pope, whom some of you may not know has excellent contacts
with Canon, and frequently has access to models and prototypes
before release, confirms that there was a higher megapixel count
1.6 around which dissappeared - perhaps it is not unreasonable to
infer from Chuck's interview that Canon could not get the high MP
count to give decent results, although that is not cast-iron, of

I suspect that there was a higher pixel count sensor developed for the 30D. After testing Canon decided that the 20D sensor had better noise performance and/or that the new sensor pushed too many lenses into substandard sharpness. Thus the IQ by some Canon metric degraded with more pixels.

I further suspect that this sensor was plug replacible with the 20D sensor so that Canono could evaluate both and choose the sesor for the 30D at the last possible moment before comitting the 30D BOM into production.

Finally, I suspect that given a choice between a 30D with a 20D sensor and a 30D with a (lets just say) 11 MP sensor that about 50% of us would want the 8MP sensor and another 50% would want the 11 MP sensor.

So the question becomes, have we reached the point where making one IQ parameter 'better' almost necessarily makes another important metric 'worse'?

This is not actually very surprising considering that many here rail for more dynamic range over resolution more-or-less all the time.

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