End of Megapixel wars and EF-S buying decisions

Started Feb 23, 2006 | Discussions thread
Peter G Veteran Member • Posts: 5,944
Re: 1.3 crop doubtful after release of the 17-55EF-S IS

David Martin wrote:

Me too, Peter - but it looks as though Canon are determined to make
us fork out $3k for the 5D - the new EF-S lens at the price point
it has come in at seems to make a 1.3 fairly unlikely

I dont' know if lenses tell us anything. 1.6 is here to stay regardless of what lenses are built simply because of the need to compete on price on the low end.

But maybe the 24-104L was designed with both 1.0 and 1.3 in mind. On 1.3 it becomes 29-136, which is none to shabby a walk around general lens.

I don't think Canon will ever say 1.3 it is dead. Because at some point they might see a new competetive advantage to a midsize sensor.

But I think the only two sizes guaranteed are 1.6 and FF.

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