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Dynasolve 165....

longrunner wrote:

I got a free Nikkor 180mm lens... except it came with a GLUED ON
Sigma teleconverter. This thing doesn't seem to work with my D70s,
as it just reads "F--" when I plug it onto the body. I can't
figure out how to remove the TC. I think it was glued on with
epoxy. No amount of hand-twisting (nor loudly cussing) budges the
thing. Any ideas?

There are a lot of different epoxies, some more "robust" than others. Hopefully, the one your dad used isn't up to the level I'm used to.

I don't know a solvent that can release two metal parts bonded by a decent epoxy. Some of the suggestions (heat, cold, mechanical force, mechanical shock) in this thread have promise. I've dealt with epoxies that could hold together past 300F (150C). Maybe thermal shock, heat the part with the heat gun, then dunk it into a bowl of dry ice floating in acetone or Fluorinert (is Fluorinert still on the market?).

The stuff we used to use in the lab for cleaning up epoxy (after a bond has been broken by other means) was Dynasolve 165.

This is a major league dangerous industiral chemical. Heavy gloves, fume hood, etc.

According to the MSDS, it contains:

60-100% Methylene Chloride
7-13% Formic Acid 90%
1-5% Acetic Acid, Glacial
1-5% Benzenesulfonic Acid, Dodecyl
4% Non-hazardous ingredients

Methylene Chloride (aka Dichloromethane or DCM) is the primary epoxy attacker. Aside from doing awful things to your nervous system, it's also a potential carcinogen. It's the main ingredient in many paint strippers. The mix of acids is also interesting. Formic acid can etch glass, you don't want that near your lens. This obviously involves removing the mount from the lens, so you're back to that problem. Formic acid produces carbon monoxide when it reacts (did I mention fume hoods). It's the acid in ant stings, and if you don't know what fire ant bites feel like, I suggest you keep it that way.

It takes hours or days of soaking to remove epoxy from a surface after a bond has been broken mechanically.

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