End of Megapixel wars and EF-S buying decisions

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1.3 crop doubtful after release of the 17-55EF-S IS

Peter G wrote:

David Martin wrote:

Pixel count for the respective size sensors given the noise
performance Canon likes to give us, yields around:
1.6: 8MP
1.3: 12MP (I know, it seems a bit unlikely that we will see too
much of that senssor in future!)
1.0: 22Mp

I was playing around with the same and I got in addition to the
8.2MP at 1.6:

1.5: 9.3MP
1.3: 13.3MP
1.0: 20.9MP.

I dont' mind Canons theory about keeping to the smaller pixels
unless they get a breakthrough on performance. But how about more

I have always been kind of Annoyed by Canons 1.6 crop when everyone
else is aiming at 1.5 including 3rd party lens makers. It would
also give a bit more width to a lens like the 17-55. Going for 27.2
to 25.5. I would gladly pay the extra $10 for the slight extra
pixel count and slightly wider FOV in APS-C.

What I would really want though is the 12+ MP 1.3 crop 5d. Should
be around $2k or less, nice hole in the lineup right there. It
would be a kick butt combo.

Me too, Peter - but it looks as though Canon are determined to make us fork out $3k for the 5D - the new EF-S lens at the price point it has come in at seems to make a 1.3 fairly unlikely

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